Sugar trading is our forte, with large volume export of sugar across the world. We export Indian white crystal sugar and raw sugar to over 20 countries worldwide. We are also a significant player in the domestic sugar trade in India.

Our agile organizational dynamic allows us to meet all challenges of the dynamic sugar trade and grow market share. Our focus on supply chain management and long term relationships creates growth and prosperity for our stakeholders and customers.

Our strong regional presence has been built on a synergized approach of having direct linkage with sugar mills of repute in the country, specialist freight forwarders, reputed shipping liners, custom house agents & reliable transporters.

Time-tested collaboration with all the linkages in the sugar trading chain allows us to supply high quality sugar on time and at the right price, thereby maximizing mutual profitability and minimizing business risks.

These sugar mills are located in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka & Uttar Pradesh.

Our associate company, Rajarambapu Patil Co-operative Sugar Factory, with an annual sugar production capacity of 200,000 metric tonnes , ably complements our sugar sourcing capabilities.

Our suppliers enjoy the benefits of our domestic trading expertise, market network & international business connections to expand their market.